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In order to procure a warehouse service or performing a buy/make decision, an industry intelligence is the crucial input for the decision making process. Warehouse service costs have multiple parameters associated with it like rentals, FTE costs, MHE costs, utilities costs and so on. These parameters might be different across the cities, within the cities and across the different type of properties depending on the infrastructure. This depends upon a lot of factors driving the parameters. Traditionally, this will require a research done by the logistics team of the customer. The efforts required are time-consuming and unlikely to be far-reaching and all-encompassing, as well. 

In order to simplify the process and to provide a greater visibility into these costs parameters, Log4U provides an alternative analytical approach with more actionable data and intelligence. With a stronger database and sample size across the cities and Industry verticals, Log4U provides business analytics services for warehousing Industry parameters. These services help to provide a more realistic and near real time information on the service parameters for driving a warehousing cost. For example, a user can compare and analyse the warehouse cost with warehouse rentals for a specific geographic region and can arrive at an informed decision to increase profitability

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