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Log4U Service Offering

On Demand Warehousing

Although, our primary focus is to provide quality warehouse spaces, in case of customers requests we go a step ahead in meeting their overall requirements by providing warehouse management services.
At Log4U, we provide solutions for all your storage requirements. Whether you want palletized, bulk storage, stillage or drum storage, our friendly and professional team is always ready to serve you. 
Log4U provides a broad array of management services designed to help our customers compress cycle time, lower overall product costs, maximize supply chain efficiency, improve inventory control and enhance customer satisfaction.

We offer a wide range of customised third party logistics warehousing and value-added services to meet your current needs and to support future requirements . The team at Log4U will first conduct a thorough analysis of your warehousing requirements for storage and handling. We can assist in identifying the best solution and locations for centralised or decentralized storage.
Providing flexible, scalable solutions that adapt to your fast-changing business environment remains our motto.

Contract Management

Log4U facilitates the contract finalisation and its closure with the customers.
Log4U can manage the contract for the multiple sites selected by customer through our user-friendly simple interface. This includes the storage and retrieval of the contract, besides provision of alerts during contract expiry. This is accompanied with the customer service to manage any escalations or negotiations during the contract renewal or termination.

Features of Contract Management

Our contract management helps you:
To create and reuse the standard digital contract templates for monitoring.
To manage the physical contract and the timetable for making key decision; to easily access hard copy contracts which are stored and logged here.
To identify key contract ‘trigger points’, such as notice periods and contract renewals or amendments.
To track responses and changes between all parties involved.
Besides the contract management features also enable stakeholders to view the most current contract versions, every time.

We at Log4U provide online visibility of payments. And we do this in the following ways

  1. Document payment mechanisms which are clear and well-understood by all parties.
  2. Use payment processes which are well-defined and efficient. 

Carry out appropriate checks and authorization processes for paying invoices

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