Network optimization & Inventory rationalization

Situational overview of the project

  1. Customer’s supply chain network consisted of 20 sourcing points (CM & plants), 4 MDC, 24 CFA and approx. 1800+ distributors
  2. Objective was to identify common  synergies in two business segments leveraging on common space and resources.
  3. Business model  to be changed from CFA to 3PL with existing service level and cost optimization.

Approach & Strategy

  1. Optimization of network through warehouse consolidation
  2. by working on five scenarios
  3. Cost reduction ranges from 4% to 9%(best case)
  4. Impact on service level was minimal while Inventory reduction was not evaluated to full extent

Final results

  1. Warehouse Infrastructure design and storage layout with HD racking
  2. Space reduction by 18%
  3. Costs benefit analysis with returns due to capex investment