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Warehouse/ Industrial Leasing

Finding and leasing a warehouse space for your business is a complex and time consuming process. It involves research on multiple properties, work with real estate prospects to consider your options, and then review any lease contracts with attorneys before signing. This ensures that you’ve taken the necessary steps to rent warehouse space that’s appropriate for your business and that your legal rights & business assets are protected.

Log4U facilitates this process for the customers by bridging the gap existing in the market for the space availability. We have a countrywide network of warehousing spaces spanning through metros, Tier 1, Tier 2 cities as well as other developing cities that are getting focus with the introduction of GST.

Services facilitated by Log4U for leasing are

Selection of warehouse site : 

Log4U has large and sizable network of warehouse sites spread across the country.
Our technology platform provides our customers an extensive list of options to choose from depending upon their requirements and budget.

Site visits

We make sure that you have all the required procurement information about the sites to take the necessary decision. You can still have the site visit for the walkthrough by fixing up an appointment.
The process is quite optimized enabling to save a lot of valuable decision making time

Site improvement

In case of any specific customization of the facility we do provide the necessary guidance. Our experts who have valuable experience in the logistics network assist our customers in every possible way.

Contractual sign off

Site selection is followed by contract review, finalization and sign off.

Site Selection and Consultancy

Choosing a new logistics facility or warehousing site involves weighing a number of factors and considering numerous details. The best way to start is by thoroughly examining the elements that combine to support your business needs.
There are multiple complex requirements which define the location decision making process like:
• Monthly rental budget
• Space required
• Flexibility to expand
• Preferred Location: whether the location should be close to customers, partners,suppliers, or particular modes of transportation?
• Preferred features: onsite offices, truck loading docks, large power supplies, reinforced flooring, or a particular ceiling height.

Log4U helps companies to arrive at the right decision when selecting a location, by conducting a thorough site survey. We provide clients with location identification decisions, comparative analysis, negotiation and management.

Green field projects: In case of a new or changing distribution and warehousing strategy, a new setup might be required. Log4U supports to establish such new facility build outs incorporating the cutting edge technology and a process flow for current market requirements 

We support the development of such sites through our partners who have decades of experience in this industry.

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