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Warehouse space provision

Finding and leasing a warehouse space for your business is a complex and time consuming process. It involves research on multiple properties, work with real estate prospects to consider your options, and then review any lease contracts with attorneys before signing. This ensures that you’ve taken the necessary steps to rent warehouse space that’s appropriate for your business and that your legal rights & business assets are protected.

Log4U facilitates this process for the customers by bridging the gap existing in the market for the space availability. We have a countrywide network of warehousing spaces spanning through metros, Tier 1, Tier 2 cities as well as other developing cities that are getting focus with the introduction of GST.

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Log4U assess the quality while selecting and on boarding of the warehouses. This involves site survey, infra and basic amenities provision check and improvements in facility standards in case of requirement.Our company understands that storage is not a ‘static’ thing. It is a process involving security measures. This process requires maintaining an environment aimed at preserving the integrity and effectiveness of items, stored.

  • Selection of warehouse site.
  • Site visits.
  • Site improvement.
  • Contractual sign off.

Warehouse Management

Although, our primary focus is to provide quality warehouse spaces, in case of customers requests we go a step ahead in meeting their overall requirements by providing warehouse management services. At Log4U, we provide solutions for all your storage requirements. Whether you want palletized, bulk storage, stillage or drum storage, our friendly and professional team is always ready to serve you.  Log4U provides a broad array of management services designed to help our customers compress cycle time, lower overall product costs, maximize supply chain efficiency, improve inventory control and enhance customer satisfaction.

Contract Management

Log4U facilitates the contract finalisation and its closure with the customers. Log4U can manage the contract for the multiple sites selected by customer through our user-friendly simple interface. This includes the storage and retrieval of the contract, besides provision of alerts during contract expiry. This is accompanied with the customer service to manage any escalations or negotiations during the contract renewal or termination.

Features of Contract Management

Our contract management helps you:

  • To create and reuse the standard digital contract templates for monitoring.
  • To manage the physical contract and the timetable for making key decision; to easily access hard copy contracts which are stored and logged here.
  • To identify key contract ‘trigger points’, such as notice periods and contract renewals or amendments.
  • To track responses and changes between all parties involved.

Besides the contract management features also enable stakeholders to view the most current contract versions, every time. 

Business Analytics

In order to procure a warehouse service or performing a buy/make decision, an industry intelligence is the crucial input for the decision making process. Warehouse service costs have multiple parameters associated with it like rentals, FTE costs, MHE costs, utilities costs and so on. These parameters might be different across the cities, within the cities and across the different type of properties depending on the infrastructure. This depends upon a lot of factors driving the parameters. Traditionally, this will require a research done by the logistics team of the customer. The efforts required are time-consuming and unlikely to be far-reaching and all-encompassing, as well.


Choosing a new logistics facility or warehousing site involves weighing a number of factors and considering numerous details. The best way to start is by thoroughly examining the elements that combine to support your business needs.

Green field projects

In case of a new or changing distribution and warehousing strategy, a new setup might be required. Log4U supports to establish such new facility build outs incorporating the cutting edge technology and a process flow for current market requirements  We support the development of such sites through our partners who have decades of experience in this industry.
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