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Supply Chain Services

▪ Understand customers business scope & supply chain priorities
▪ Identify current challenges and gaps in existing setups
▪ Recommend potential solutions

Supply Chain Network Model Design

Understand current logistics network setup and develop baseline – For Network, Transport Flows, Inventory, Process & Systems & Systems. Analyze the potential opportunities of improvement. Opportunity assessment to balance feasibility with savings – For Network,Transport Flows, Inventory, Process.

Business Case and Implementation Planning

  • Cost-benefit analysis with potential business case simulations
  • Develop value proposition for the customer supply chain
  • Planning to plan & define implementation approach

Our Supply Chain Services– Supply Chain Visualization

1 Application enablers for Supply Chain Design & Warehouse Modelling.

2 Inventory analysis and forecasting for productivity improvement

3 Analytics services, to enable visibility for effective business decisions


Warehouse network

How many, which locations, what size…

Transport flows

FTL vs. LTL, air vs. road vs. sea, fastest route…..


Which part, from where, to where, how much……

Warehouse resource

Manpower, MHEs, equipment…..


Improve, standardize, benchmark, best practices….


Improve, standardize, benchmark, best practices….
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